• Mia Michaels

What is your Truth today?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Today I woke up and decided I would pull myself out of the hole I have been falling into deeper and deeper everyday for the last couple months. Who am I? I ask myself as a 54 year old white woman who at one point experienced success in the entertainment industry, but have been slipping further and further from that existence for years. Now with everything happening in the world today, I stand here questioning everything. My past, my present and my future. I feel alone, I feel gutted and desperately trying to find the light in the darkness. My soul says that there is change, hope and healing on the other side of all this for those that are seeking it. It weirdly seems like the masses ,which is comforting to know.

Today , I am sharing what came up and what I am currently dissecting within.

Building the identity and who Mia Michaels was started early on from an ambitious ,rule breaking and uber rebellious teenager that held that dream very tightly in her hands and knew she must be built. So I did, and now with the fragile state of the world, none of which I built seems important any longer. What does feel important is being a part of helping to heal the world in any small or big way that I can.

With all that said.... what rings so true to me today and has for years needs to be said. This is my truth and you may not agree ... and that’s ok.

Currently, Dance feels so unimportant unless it comes from a real deep, raw and human place of expression. In fact , when I see dance as a pure entertainment factor.. it feels incredibly desperate and somewhat self serving. Dance is a pure soul , physical language and expression.. not a tool to get attention, trophies or more followers. It is a voice, a cry , an honest interpretation of ones soul. I have always resonated with this philosophy but now more than ever. I have been guilty of teaching steps in the past to make a living and now it seems as though that doesn’t live here anymore.

With the Pandemic , the industry has been hit ,or rather nuked with no hope in sight which forces one to rethink, reinvent,recreate and most importantly UNLEARN the things that do not sit right in our gut.

Even though my income has completely stopped and I have no idea what my future holds, I couldn’t bring myself to go online and teach a very unimportant count of 8 to make a dollar.

My soul wouldn’t allow me because I know I am being led to something greater. Something that is about healing, contribution,wellness, and awareness. To create a raw ,honest and unapologetic voice of hope , inspiration and light even though lately , I have none at times.

Right now the world needs LIGHT SOLDIERS and i am signing up. Art is powerful and can help change and shift the world as well as the awareness of the people.

Taking one day at a time, trusting the journey , being kind to myself and others.. being honest and transparent of where I stand in hopes that my words and actions will inspire and activate others.

What is your truth today?