• Mia Michaels

The Balancing Dance

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Do you believe that doors open and close for a reason?

Is it God or some higher universal power that decides something is right or wrong for us? When doors close, is it The Great I Am deeming it not suitable for us and shuts the door? Saying in a ominous Godly voice “This is not the plan I have for you”…”This is not your destiny”.

Whether its people, jobs or places, I believe the closing of doors redirect and force us to explore pathways that wouldn’t necessarily be our first and obvious choice.This leads me to my first balancing lesson.

I believe there is a balance of doing the inner and outer work and getting prepared for when the doors bust wide open. In the meantime following our heart and listening to our deep internal knowing. I think the most challenging part is to also acknowledge when to get into the passenger seat and accept losing all control. The universe has the answers far more than we could ever comprehend. This doesn’t mean to sit back and wait , however it is definitely a carefully choreographed duet that oscillates between... control and release... passive and aggressive... metal and liquid... black and white... driver and passenger.When we force something that is not meant, there will always be an abundance of lessons coming our way which actually isn’t always a bad thing. These lessons help to shape who we become. Sometimes we gain and learn much more from failing then winning.

While we are in the waiting room and this purgatory state of our lives, there will be so many days that feel lost and other days full of clues, thoughts and ideas that show up if we stay open, awake and aware that the answers are all around us and waiting to come flooding in. The direction and answers that we crave and desire unfortunately don’t always happen on our time and terms. They happen in divine timing and when they are ultimately supposed to. This is probably the most difficult and challenging period, especially when you are a goal driven mover and shaker in life.

I myself am practicing massive amounts of patience and trust these days. When doors shut ,jobs fall through and relationships come to an end, its hard to maintain hope and see the sunrise on the horizon, especially in the time we are all living in. Doubt comes flooding in ,but my faith keeps me standing tall and open at attention to God and my Higher Self waiting to receive clarity and direction of the next step, next move knowing that in divine timing the answers and the right doors for my future will burst open. The new dance will be born.

While presently sitting in our waiting rooms, now is the time to turn our energy inward. The more time we spend doing this, the more realizations and lessons seem to uncomfortably rise up.

While reflecting back, my second balancing lesson was that I had a difficult realization that I had placed all my energy, focus and push on my career for my entire life. Nothing else mattered to me and it was the most significant thing in my existence. Why? Was it the validation ? My identity? A lifestyle? Money? Unfortunately I missed out on enormous life monuments that I will never get back because I was programmed like an energized heavy breathing thoroughbred racehorse with blinders on fighting for the great win. The win of what? This all consuming focus and desire kept me from experiencing the world around me. I missed graduation, college, relationships, my health, my body, marriage ,children, a grounded and full life…all the things that create a plethora of life memories wrapping around me like a warm blanket. Perhaps it wasn’t meant for me and the road I traveled up till now was an important one that I had to walk in order to be the artist I was put on this earth to be and to learn the important lessons life had in store for me.

What is so astonishing to me is that it took a pandemic to come and wash away decades of a career overnight and now what is left is the realization of all the experiences I never explored, the life I never lived and the memories I never made

With no regret, I am proud of all my accomplishments and the woman I have become through it all...but what a better time than now to dig into all this exciting life that took a back seat to my career for decades.

The lesson for me in all of this is about Balance. When there is imbalance, eventually there is suffering. Lets all be human measuring scales so that we can stay aware and mindfully seek for extreme balance which is the key to fulfillment and success in all areas of our life.Success isn’t about achievements…its about living a happy life filled with memories that make you smile and your insides tingle.

While practicing patience, the waiting game is full of surprises and lessons that we need to learn in order to get to the next level of life. Embrace all of it while waiting to uncover the next hidden path that is our next magical journey we are about to walk down. Knowing and trusting that there is a blessing waiting on the other side of every challenge and lesson.

My recent life lesson is teaching me ultimate balance and preparing me for the next undiscovered and glorious chapter of my life so I can live life differently than ever before... live life alive and never miss another memory!!!

What is your most recent life lesson?