• Mia Michaels


Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Another and another and then again another human life guiltlessly taken or compromised. When will this ever stop?

Protests, marches and rioting are not fixing this heart wrenching problem. A society in pain crying out for change while the screams and tears seem to just melt away into the distant past with nothing or very little being done to rectify this ungodly problem we are facing.

We desperately need police reform immediately and guns should be banned and terminated period . In fact all production of firearms should be abolished in the world and let them be a symbol of our barbaric and gross part of history that only the future will read about. A past we can all one day look back and be proud of a world we fought for and created for the next generations to come.

Nothing ever good or fruitful comes from the barrel of a gun, even if it is just for “protection”. Be it a human or animal life, death and pain of a living breathing existence comes to a halt when a bullet is shot. We all know there are so many other ways to protect oneself when need be without the need to shoot and kill.

We also should be extremely careful of who we follow and give power to . The power obsessed individuals and tyrannical controlling leaders are the most dangerous and damaging to mankind. A heroic and fearless leader in power needs to lead with love and compassion and have the courage to stand up and make massive changes to protect and serve. To not just speak empty words with very little action. We need change NOW so that we can start to shift and begin healing the ugly and demonic old programmed systemic racism that our country has carried with it for way too long.

We have diligently worked so hard to make such great strides in the worlds of medicine, science and technology , and they continue to move forward and proudly evolving to make the world a better place. Yet when it comes to humanity and equality, we cant seem to let go of the old and ugly small minded prejudice and judgements of the past. These programmed beliefs are taught and carried down from generation to generation…. We are all equal but our fucked up society is what creates discrimination, hatred, racism that ultimately separates us.

Perhaps I am just an extreme dreamer, but I will continue to believe there is a more unified and just world out there waiting for us somewhere….Where? When? All I know is that if we keep going in the direction we are going, the world will destroy itself and disintegrate from all the hatred that seems to be multiplying these days.

This existence is NOT the world God created it to be.

I am so sorry ,yet again to all my beautiful black sisters and brothers that you and your families have had to continue to endure all this horrid injustice

It makes me sick and I cry from the depths of my guts that are filled with frustration, sadness and embarrassment.

I pray for change , I pray for healing, I pray we progress and take steps forward to unify all of us once and for all in hopes to create a more idealistic and utopian world together. I know this all sounds unrealistic and a very far reach but I believe change can happen. It begins with us…one person at a time . Respecting each other ,respecting life, accepting our differences and seeing the abundance of beauty in each and every unique and beautiful creature God has made.

Imagine every human being on this earth becoming a rare and vibrant flower that is watered, fed and celebrated for its individual beauty….arranging all these flowers together to create the most magnificent world bouquet….that is a world I want to live in. Celebrating all people and their existence…not killing them and ending innocent lives because of their color skin.

We need to be the change

Our single voice = CHANGE…Be Contagious!