• Mia Michaels

Next Stop...Ourselves

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Is this really the new normal? Everyone walking through life with face masks ,shields and gloves? Everyone in fear of human contact and physical touch while embracing as much distance as possible from the human species. This is not a world that is familiar to any of us nor a world we want to adopt.

What is so hard to believe is how fast the world can literally be turned upside down and suddenly completely stop functioning. How everything we once knew has been shut down indefinitely and is forcing us to exist in a completely new way. There is no hanging out with friends , no exquisite dining out anymore, no large functions, no gatherings, no parties, no conferences, no music festivals, no fashion week, no museums, no shopping , no cafes, no broadway shows or concerts… No life. Seems to be an empty carcass of what life used to look like.

However, lets try to look at this on the more enlightened side… that empty shell is actually the foundation and the basic core of who we really are. There is an entire world inside that beautiful carcass waiting to be met. What I have found is that our basic primal uncomplicated needs and wants are enough. All the privileges that we have lost during this time are just the supplemental fun sauce of staying busy and occupying ourselves. It’s much easier to fill our days doing things and going places than to sit with and within ourselves.Taking the utmost pride in our crowded schedules and calendars that somewhat resemble a NYC subway car at rush hour. The more we can fit in a day the better and more accomplished we feel for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I myself used to find significance and pleasure filling my schedule with calls, appointments and meetings upon meetings. Feeling as though this busyness was a sign of success and importance. I would then ultimately reward myself with too much food after I physically and mentally got through the crowded and almost impossible day that I built for myself to endure.

What I have adapted is… learning that spending quality and delicious time with yourself ,digging inside and trying to uncover my truest self while creating beautiful moments and memories with my loved ones has taken the place of the glamorized rat race . Making time to connect with nature and God or our spiritual source. Taking time to read, write, cook, love, create, take a walk and connect to everyone and everything around me.. These are the true and pure gifts that we are given everyday other than the greatest gift of waking up to a new day. It doesn’t take any money to live truthfully from the simple core and foundation of who we are. During these times, things that aren’t truly necessary are falling away little by little and realizing what is most important in this thing called Being Alive. Once your perspective changes... your whole world changes. And to be quite honest, when and if the world goes back to normal... I definitely will not choose the same life and lack of awareness that I had lived inside for decades. All that supplemental sauce of life will most definitely be enjoyed and appreciated in a much greater way and not taking it for granted.Enjoying it as an extra layer to life but not my main life.

The real awareness of living now comes from a simple and meaningful way of life. The ingredients on my menu are love, family, friends, creativity, laughter, food ,God and making glorious memories that are the true pleasures of being alive.

Even though it seems like we are walking the earth in a peculiar post apocalyptic time , my insides are more alive than they have ever been.Sometimes we have to die before we can truly live. Covid has forced us to live from the inside out, and I couldn’t be more grateful that the fast and furious train of life has stopped and we all have the choice to get off , take a deep breath ,exhale and redesign the life you want and dream of … Or, stay on the train waiting impatiently to get moving again on the same track so you can live the same ole same ole existence. I want to kiss that train driver for giving me the chance to get the fuck off of that train that I have been on for a very long time.

This time is to rise up within ourselves …to rethink, reconnect, reinvent and recreate while consciously shedding parts of our former life that don’t truly light us up. Anything that is not a definite and absolute FUCK YES will remain on the old train tracks of the past. Diligently working to change and do things differently this time so that we will get a very different result than that of our pre Covid life. Looking at it as if we have been given another chance to do this all over again but carrying the lessons that we have learned with us.. This unique time is the casting, workshop , rehearsal and testing phase of the greatest show on earth... OUR LIFE.

When we eventually and hopefully do get out of this Covid cocoon phase, there will be a different and new version of ourselves stepping into a life of beautiful and fresh blooded priorities and values.

If Covid doesn’t move out anytime soon, then we are just given more time to train our thoughts and habits and finally design who we ultimately want to become and in the end…who we are meant to be.

I believe if we embrace this challenging time in this way, it is a win win. Let us focus on the gift of this time and fill it up with everything and anything that brings us an internal smile. A smile so expansive that it is contagious to all. Continue to shed light and smiles during this unknown and paused time in the world. May our new found awakeness explode our bursting souls into tiny little iridescent particles so that we may see the blessings all around us and bask inside the most magnificent and magical snow globe of our Life.

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!