• Mia Michaels

Being Liquid Being Life

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The warm sun healing to my soul

The cool air soothing my discomfort of the unknown.

The minutes turn into hours, that turn into months ,that become the clock of my life here. Trying to discover and understand my place in the world during these very unpredictable and uncomfortable times.

However, darker chapters are a necessity for deep and prolific change for the planet, society and ourselves as individuals. The one thing I do know is that we/I cannot return to who we/I was or were as a collective.

As the internal shift and change continues during this fragile time, I ,as an over achiever ,feverishly strive to make sense of my own existence. Attempting to make the most of all the empty space and slivers of hope that used to be filled with nothing but work, hustle, work and more hustle.

I have recently found fulfillment in pouring myself into the unknown space with creativity while having no goal in sight.. no end game or attempt of success...JUST CREATE.

Not asking the familiar questions of" Where will this lead?" Or ,"When will this all pass?" Rather, How do I use this time for self discovery, deep evolution of self and also spiritually trusting that we are all here for a powerful purpose and calling.

I ask myself... WHAT NOW?

Enjoy the dig

Keep digging and don’t stop.

Be open and prepared for the next direction given to us by the greatest director of all .... GOD.

Allow the answers to flow and trust they will arrive in the most perfect and divine timing. Always reminding oneself that everything is happening FOR us and not TO us. Every experience on our journey is ultimately moving us closer to our greatest selves, regardless of how blind or lost we may feel at times.

Keeping our minds and thoughts in the present and dream of what our glorious future feels, looks, smells and tastes like. We must yank ourselves from the "oh so easy" old and stale negative memories of our past, while remembering that our current thoughts create our tomorrow. Letting the past go and allow our fresh thoughts wash over us and create our future. Let’s paint a life of overflowing love, creativity, inspiration and contribution. A beautiful and meaningful life.

We are here to experience and live the greatest gift of all ...being alive and living this gift to the fullest. Exploring every step, while making sure no stone is unturned along the way. Letting ourselves become the Great Explorers of our own existence while simultaneously listening to where life wants to take us.

I believe, we as humans, always have the need to want to know and control everything out of fear of the unknown... instead of fearlessly trusting and allow to just be IN IT. Sitting in the passenger seat... letting go of the steering wheel of life and observing how seamlessly things open up if we let them. let's take forward steps into the light of a new and undiscovered day which is yet another gift that has been given to us... Again.

Live a life without force,push and working nonstop where our whole life becomes nothing but one big obligation.

This is not living anymore, in my opinion.

Living a meaning filled life where one can breathe, one can dream, one can create, one can love, witness and experience the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. Transforming ourselves and becoming luminescent liquid ,while flowing in and out of different shapes and sizes of the containers of life.

We Morph...We Change... We Evolve

Trust and allow the answers to flow