Thank you for visiting me here. My name is Mia Melchiona but

the world mostly knows me as Mia Michaels. I am a woman... I am a dreamer ... I am a creator ...I am alive and grateful for my breath and the beating drum inside of a very oversized and luminous heart. Most people don’t know that about me because I’m a bit of an introvert ,a maverick that hides behind ferocious work and tattoos painted all over my body like protective armor. However, if you look closely, you will see that they are simply all just beautiful butterflies longing to fly.

My hope here is to now choreograph my pen on paper as if the pen was the dancer, the ink is the movement and the paper is the stage. I vow to be fearless, honest and transparent with my words as I have always been as a choreographer.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I have no idea what is ahead.......  Trust with me... Fly with me ... and at times Fall with me as I sign my name across the world.


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